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Carrier boards AMB

Carrier boards AMB are used for creation of highly productive systems of input, output, registration and digital processing of signals on the base of personal computers. Carrier boards are used along with ADM modules.

Carrier boards are designed on the basis of ADM technology. Boards contain ADM interface for installing analog and digital input/output modules. DSP might be performed via FPGA installed in some boards.

Wide variety of analog-digital ADM modules allows to create a wide scale of systems of digital processing and registration of analog signals in different applications. They differ in capacity, performance, amount of channels and functionality along with potentialities of carrier boards of fast uninterrupted input of large arrays into computer’s memory or into disk storage units. FPGA installed on board allows to widen hardware potential in relation to signal processing within FPGA.

Field of application:

Communication systems; radiolocation; hydro acoustics; industry; medical diagnostics systems; digital radio and television broadcasting; and others

FPGA-based carrier boards:

Module Name

System bus



PCI, 32 bit/66 MHz

Memory FIFO up to 256 Kwords


PCI, 64 bit/66 MHz

Memory up to 8 Gbytes, FPGA Virtex 2


PCIExpress x1

Memory DDR2 up to 2 Gbytes, FPGA Spartan 3


PCIExpress x1

Memory DDR2 up to 4 Gbytes, FPGA Virtex 5


PCIExpress x4



PCIExpress x8

Memory DDR2 up to 2 Gbytes, FPGA Virtex 5


Stand-alone 3U

2 FPGA Virtex 4


Standard software kit for carrier-boards includes program for complex analysis of ISVI signals with functions of oscilloscope and spectrograph which allows data input/output both into RAM and HDD.

As addition DAQ-DRV kit for developing applied software working with these devices is provided.

ISVI and DAQ-DRV programs work under Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux. They are provided along with exact module and express its specific character.

 HDK_AMB_ADMxxx (ADMxxx stands for the name of exact module) set is used for developing FPGA and it includes:

• Fragment of fundamental electric scheme of module including FPGA, ADM plug, DAC unit, synchronization unit.

• FPGA project for the submodule chosen, written in VHDL using Xilinx ISE and Active-HDL CADs.

• AMB module model in VHDL. Model allows checking of passage of data flow from ADM submodule to processor through FPGA.


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